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We specialise in performing emission measurements and energy assessments on the chassis dynamometer, the engine test stand or in real road traffic. We offer customised solutions for suppliers of exhaust aftertreatment systems and emission reduction systems or for e-vehicles (BEV, S-Pedelec). We work for OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers and many areas of the optimisation and tuning industry.

Our state-of-the-art measurement equipment and experienced professionals enable us to perform precise and reliable measurements that help you achieve a robust application and certifications for your products. With modern and highly efficient emission control systems, it is essential to utilise equally modern emission measurement systems and procedures. We endeavour to help you determine and test the required conditions for your product. Through our cooperation with technical services (such as TÜV Hessen or TÜV Süd), we can ensure that your products comply with legal requirements and are environmentally responsible.

We know that compliance with emission standards is crucial for your company. That's why we offer you not only first-class measurement services, but also advice and support in interpreting the results. Our aim is to help you position your products in the market while minimising your environmental impact.

Range analyses and tests for electrically powered vehicles, including under low temperature conditions, are key topics for future drive concepts, which we carry out using the technical expertise of our employees. Energy modelling of the drive system is a key point here. The reproducibility of the measurements is guaranteed by the optional use of the automated driving system.

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Our Services for Corporate Customers

Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment

Do you offer a retrofit system or standard system to reduce emissions? We would be happy to support you from start to finish.

If you want to offer products in the field of exhaust aftertreatment on the market, you generally have to provide proof of emission reduction. This applies not only to systems on the European market (EU) but also worldwide (US, JP, China, Korea, India, etc.). However, certification in itself is the last step in a cycle of development.

KI zur Alterungsidentifikation von Abgaskatalysatoren

Electric range determination and energy consumption measurements for fully electric vehicles (BEV/PEV) or S-Pedelecs.

If you want to launch your electrically powered vehicle on the market, it is usually necessary to carry out a number of tests on the entire vehicle. The procedures for determining the electric range and measuring energy consumption differ around the world and therefore have a wide range of requirements. As a rule, the tests are based on those for vehicles with conventional petrol or diesel drives. Nevertheless, there are some subtleties that need to be taken into account.

Do you already have a fully developed product or a vehicle or engine and want to subject it to a technical type test?

In cooperation with TÜV Hessen or TÜV SÜD, we can offer, accompany and carry out the necessary type tests in our laboratory. Of course, you are also welcome to have the tests carried out by a technical service of your choice.

Have you been commissioned or ordered an expert report in the field of emissions, consumption or electric ranges? Are you to investigate illegal switch-off devices or actual consumption in road traffic? Has a vehicle with presumably illegal performance enhancements or conversions been immobilised?

Do you want to carry out a benchmark test with competing products and are you looking for a competent partner?

Benchmark tests are an indispensable tool for evaluating and comparing the performance of hardware, software or other systems. These tests provide objective measurements that make it possible to compare the performance of different products or components.

With our strong partners TÜV Hessen and TÜV SÜD, we have two highly competent and recognised technical services at our disposal to subject your product or components to a type test, production test (Conformity of Production COP) or market surveillance test (In Service Conformity ISC).

We can provide you with competent and targeted support, from individual acceptances to very small series and small batches to large series.

The EG vehicle category L according to Regulation (EU) 2013/168 is divided into a large number of subcategories. The subcategories divide the vehicles into two-wheeled or three-wheeled and sometimes also four-wheeled variants. Reference is also made to the maximum speed limit of 45 km/h. According to Article 4 of the regulation, a distinction is made between classes in the groups from L1e to L7e.

Do you offer performance upgrades for vehicles and want to obtain a parts certificate or even a customised individual approval? Perhaps your aim is even to obtain an ABE?
Do you offer a downpipe or exhaust system and want to market it with EG/ECE type approval?

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