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The Technology and Environmental Centre in Pfungstadt offers the ideal development environment for research projects on drive systems of the future thanks to its comprehensive equipment, methodically trained staff and direct contact with academic research institutions.

Shorter development cycles in an environment characterised by an increasing variety and complexity of drive systems require a comprehensive development methodology for early testing and validation. In addition to purely experimental approaches, simulative approaches are also available for this purpose.


By combining simulation and testing (X-in-the-loop), drive systems can be tested under real boundary conditions at an early stage of the development process. The latest software solutions are used for simulative validation and modelling through to the parameterisation of a digital twin. In addition to the applied methodology, the test field at the Technology and Environment Centre provides an ideal test environment for research and development in the fields of alternative energy sources and electrified drive systems.

Future Technologies

X-in-the-Loop Test Benches

Our infrastructure on the chassis dynamometer and engine test stand enables in-the-loop operation of the test specimen. Simulation with the aid of a real-time capable vehicle model enables real driving situations and operating strategies to be modelled on the test stand at an early stage and their development and evaluation to be carried out.

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To map real driving scenarios on the chassis dynamometer or engine test stand, it is necessary to reproduce a wide range of test conditions. This includes, in particular, testing under low ambient temperatures.

In addition to the infrastructure for testing alternative energy sources, above all hydrogen, the Technology and Environmental Centre has extensive expertise in the field of applications for operation with synthetic fuels.

In the research field of artificial intelligence, we are a partner in public research projects with our test centre and the measurement technology we use. For the ageing identification of exhaust catalytic converters, we supply reproducible cycles from real vehicles which are now available for modelling and ageing identification.


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